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"July 1st" Visit Dongguan War "Epidemic" Documentary Exhibition Paying tribute to the heart
Release time:2020-07-01

Today is the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China! All the members of Jinzheng Group reviewed the oath of joining the Party and entered the Songshan Lake Branch of Dongguan Cultural Center to visit the "Dongguan War "—— Dongguan Anti-New Crown Pneumonia Outbreak Exhibition" as the theme party day activities to pay tribute to the strength and responsibility of sticking to the original mission in the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming production.

Liao Yulin, the party secretary and chairman of the group, led all the party members to face the party flag and solemnly swear, and everyone raised their fists in their right hands and shoulders, sonorous and forceful reading of the "oath of joining the party of the Communist Party of China ", with full enthusiasm and high-spirited posture, showing the firm belief in the party and the strong determination to fight for the cause of the party for life.

Dongguan Battle "Epidemic "—— Dongguan Anti-New Crown Pneumonia Outbreak Exhibition is the first anti-epidemic exhibition in Guangdong Province, The exhibition is a comprehensive, real and systematic display of Dongguan, a manufacturing city with over 6 million migrant workers, Faced with a severe epidemic crisis, The "epidemic" course of fighting with one heart and one mind. 255 witness objects ,270 documentary pictures ,22 video records, Silently speaking of the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production in the two-line operations against the epidemic in Dongguan, It also shows that at a time when epidemic prevention and control is still in the most critical, The city's broad grass-roots party organizations and party members charge ahead, That you dare to take on, Full interpretation of the Communist Party of China fighting fortress and vanguard exemplary role. These are the first missions to engage in the fight against the epidemic, Let the party flag fly high in the fight against the epidemic, Let all the members of the group respect, The ideals and beliefs of all Party members who fought for the cause of communism were baptized, The spirit of the purpose of serving the people has been sublimated. Everyone said they would follow the example of anti-epidemic heroes, Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Party members, With the overall situation and the masses in mind, To forge ahead, to innovate, On the basis of ordinary posts, For the gold control group to achieve the "financial + industry" strategic objectives contribution.