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Dialogue with Investors, DFH. held a road show of bond public issuance
Release time:2019-04-22

On the afternoon of April 16, the road show of public issuance of special bonds for financial control and relief in Dongguan was successfully completed. More than 20 representatives of main underwriter Zheshang Securities, joint underwriter Dongguan Securities, Dongguan Trust, Dongguan Bank, Dongguan Agricultural and Commercial Bank, China Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank, Penghua Fund, South Fund, Yingda Securities and Xingye Securities attended. The event was presided over by General Manager Yin Kefei of Dongguan Golden Control.

On the road show site, the chairman of Dongguan Jincong Liao Yulin first introduced the company's formation, asset size, strategic development, investment and major business sectors. Chairman Liao said that the bond issuance was the first time that Dongguan Financial Controls appeared on the capital stage. It was another breakthrough in the company's development and had an important demonstration significance. In view of the company's development strategy and planning, he said that next, Dongguan Financial Control will continue to fulfill the responsibilities and responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, actively optimize the financial environment, and provide new momentum for the development of the real economy. "At the same time, we will closely integrate the development strategy of'finance + industry', give full play to the advantages of resources and platforms, support the emerging financial sector and industrial development sector, enhance the ability to control the traditional financial sector, highlight the professional ability of the group and subsidiaries in fund formation, management and operation, and further improve the economic efficiency of the group."

Zou Ying, managing director of Zheshang Securities Investment Bank, the principal underwriter, introduced in detail the bond issuance plan, issuer's advantages and debt repayment guarantee. Zou Ying, director general manager of Dongguan, introduced that Dongguan is located in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, with obvious regional advantages and strong industrial foundation. The financial institutions under Dongguan Gold Control are rich in types, which can provide innovative financial services for the whole industrial chain, and serve the real economy more efficiently. The company has huge development space. Dongguan has a sound financial control governance structure, sound financial policy, steady business development, and a high-quality management team and talent team, which provides strong support for the company's development, and the future is promising.

This road show has built a more efficient and direct platform for investors to better understand and understand Dongguan Financial Control, strengthened investors'confidence in Dongguan Financial Control, enhanced the good image and market recognition of Dongguan Financial Control in the capital market, and laid a solid foundation for further optimizing the financing structure and sustainable development of Dongguan Financial Control.

Overview of Dongguan Financial Holding Group Limited's Public Issuance of Corporate Bonds in 2019

On March 22, 2019, with the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC License No. 463, 2019), Dongguan Golden Control was allowed to issue corporate bonds with a total face value not exceeding 1 billion yuan to QFII in China.

The bond issue of Dongguan Finance Control Company is made up of Zheshang Securities as the main underwriter and Dongguan Securities as the joint principal underwriter. The amount of the bond issuance is not more than 1 billion yuan and the issuance period is 3 + 2 years. It is mainly intended to be used for investment relief fund and interest-bearing debt repayment. According to the comprehensive evaluation of Shanghai in the new century, the main credit rating and bond credit rating are AA+.