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New Platform, New Journey --- Dongguan Gold Holdings move in new building
Release time:2018-11-29

On the morning of November 28, the unveiling ceremony of the new Dongguan Gold Holdings Building was successfully held, and the new building belonging to the Gold Holdings Personnel was officially opened. It marks that the Gold Holdings Company of Dongguan will take the new style and platform as a new starting point to accelerate the development of "finance + industry".

Bai Tao, Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal Committee, Standing Vice Mayor of Dongguan Municipal Government, Huang Shaowen, Secretary of Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and Songshan Lake Party Committee, Hong Jie, Director of Municipal SASASAC, Zhong Zhengliang, Deputy Director of Municipal Finance Bureau, Liao Yulin, Chairman of Dongguan Gold Holdings Board, Yin Kefei, General Manager, jointly unveiled the new building, You Jinhui, Deputy Director of Municipa Chairman Lu Guofeng, Chairman Huang Xiaowen of Dongguan Trust, Chairman Chen Zhaoxing of Dongguan Securities and leading guests and colleagues of asset management companies, Hualian Futures, Guanyi, Jinxin and Guanxin Funds attended and witnessed this important moment.

Chairman Liao Yulin first warmly welcomed and sincerely thanked the leading guests on the spot. He said that in the past two years, Dongguan financial Holdings has been growing vigorously, which can not be separated from the concern and guidance of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government, nor can it be separated from the support and efforts of various brothers, cooperative organizations and all financial Holdingslers. Looking forward to the future, Liao Dong said, "In this building, Dongguan Financial Holdingsler, together with the financial Holdingsler, will continue to sail with the ideal of promoting the linkage development of Dongguan financial industry and creating a platform for financial resources coordination."

At the ceremony, Vice Mayor Bai Tao, on behalf of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, congratulated Dongguan on the successful completion of the new office building. He said that the smooth entry of the new building was another important milestone on the growth of Dongguan Golden Holdings. "As a platform for holding, managing, investing and operating municipal state-owned financial capital, Dongguan Financial Holdings has been continuously practicing its internal work, perfecting its governance mechanism, introducing elite backbone and realizing new breakthroughs in internal management since its establishment in March 2016. It has become one of the few local financial Holdings collections with relatively complete types of legal person financial institutions in China. The league, taking this opportunity, has successively set up municipal industrial mother fund, listed Guan enterprise fund, urban renewal fund, doubling optimization series fund, etc. to promote the interaction between industry and Finance within the scope of financial licences, which not only transfuses blood for emerging industries, helps industrial layout, but also achieves new breakthroughs in business direction.

He earnestly expects that, under the leadership of Chairman Liao Yulin, Dongguan Gold Holdings will take the completion and opening of the new building as a new starting point, closely aim at the development orientation of "finance + industry", improve the layout of financial licenses, promote the coordinated development of traditional financial sector, emerging financial sector and industrial investment sector, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Power. At the same time, we should continue to give full play to our own unique advantages, better serve the overall economic and social development of the city, and provide strong support and accurate services for the realization of high-quality economic development in Dongguan.

There is a long way to go in order to achieve development, and we should set sail in our grand plans. In the future, the financial Holdingsler will take a new look and gesture on the new building, which is a new platform connecting the past and the future, to gather high-quality resources from all sides and take a more solid development step.

About Dongguan Gold Holdings New Building

Dongguan Golden Holdings New Building is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of about 1760 square meters, with a total floor area of about 8680 square meters. Built-in group and subsidiary office areas of Jinxin Company, Guanyi Company, Guanxin Company, Financial Holdings Fund, Party and League Activity Center and other staff activity areas.